flat vs curved trigger

Flat vs Curved Triggers

One of life’s unanswered questions, flat vs curved triggers in guns. This applies to rifles, pistols, and any other firearms really. There are some differences we are going to cover today along with my personal preference.

There are a few questions we have to ask ourselves, as in some instances a flat might be better and in other instances curved. 

What is the Difference Between a Flat and Curved Trigger?

To put it simply, one is flat, and one is curved as seen in the images below:

flat vs curved trigger

More importantly, I think it really comes down to the feel. Certain gun triggers are not only curved but also are rounded, with different angles. 

Flat Trigger:

  • Tends to lend itself to consistent trigger pull
  • Easier to make solid flat contact with fingertip
  • Gives more options as to where your finger is on the trigger

Curved Trigger:

  • Trigger is closer to finger in the middle, making it easier to reach
  • Better for small hands
  • Classic look, less tactical feeling if thats what you prefer


Does Type of Gun Matter?


When it comes to shooting a pistol, the hand is a lot more intimately involved in the process versus the body.

I personally find it a little easier to gain a mechanical advantage to have a flat trigger on a pistol. For example, my Glock has a curved trigger, but I find flat to break a little smoother, so I put in a flat trigger.

I think the main benefit to a flat trigger is that it is a little easier to have consistent finger placement which is going to help your shooting be more consistent. You also have a bigger reference point to match your finger to. 

You really want your trigger finger in the same general place every single time you shoot. With a rounded trigger, you may accidentally pull too much trigger.

These are tiny details but could make a difference when shooting longer ranges.


At the end of the day, body positioning is way more important than the finger. Therefore, with a rifle it is even less important than the pistol.

Since I started shooting carbine rifles with a curved trigger, I actually prefer that feeling in my rifle. I’ve been shooting well lately, and since I don’t want to fix something that isn’t broken, I don’t plan on switching to a flat trigger any time soon.

Before getting bent up over the triggers in your guns, I think proper shooting fundamentals have to be in place. So, get that in order, and then maybe you can start getting into the trigger specifics.

To conclude, the most important difference between a flat vs curved trigger is that it’s just personal preference. Try them both out, and go with whatever feels right! And make sure to practice! That means both range time and Dry Firing.

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