How to clean Glock 19

How to Clean a Glock 19

Keeping Your Glock Clean and Running Safely

The Glock 19 is one of the most popular handguns ever made. It is extremely reliable, accurate, and durable right out of the box. It is used by civilians and military police forces worldwide. 

Despite this, we still have to make sure that we maintain and clean it on a regular basis. Not only is it a mechanical device, but a gun that misfires could be the difference in a life or death scenario. Proper cleaning and lubrication prevents corrosion and keeps the gun free of accumulated dirt.

Not to mention, proper maintenance will help preserve its value!

How Often Should I clean My Glock 19?

Glocks are built to last. There have been stories of Glocks being found in the ocean and still working fine! Therefore there are varying opinions on how often you need to clean your Glock. Some people will clean it once every thousand rounds, and others every single time they shoot it.

We Recommend Going With The Offical Glock Recommendations:

  • When the gun is brand new, before being fired for the first time.
  • After each and every time it is fired.
  • At least once a month if it has not been used in that time period.
  • If the gun has been exposed to rain water, perspiration, salt water, dirt, grease, etc.

How To Clean Your Glock 19

Clear the Glock

Before you do anything, make sure there are no rounds in the chamber and put all live ammunition in a completely different room or stored away. Make sure to rack the slide and visually and physically inspect the chamber to make sure there is no ammunition in the gun.

Field Strip the Gun

The first step in taking apart the Glock is to point the gun in a safe direction and pull the trigger. This will enable you to remove the slide.

In order to remove the slide, you have to pull back on it slightly (only about 1-3mm), and depress the 2 tabs on the sides of the gun. Then push forward and it should slide off.

If you pull the slide back too far, it will reset the trigger again. If so, just pull the trigger again as you did in the first step.

After doing so, pop out the spring, and take off the barrel. You should have the pieces in the below image which is the slide, barrel, recoil spring, and frame.

Cleaning Process

The Barrel

The Barrel is going to contain the most dirt and buildup from the firing of the gun. In order to clean the barrel simply run cleaning cloths or a bore snake through it. 

If using cloth, first run a dry patch, then another patch with some cleaning solvent on it. Next run a bristled cleaning brush with lubricant back and forth. Next, another wet patch, and then keep running dry patches through until they come out clean.

Remember to only run one patch at a time in same direction the bullets travel. 

If using a bore snake, put some solvent on it and run it through the barrel a couple of times. 

Afterwards, apply a very light coating of lubrication on the exterior of the barrel.

how to clean a glock 19

The Slide

First, use a nylon brush with some lubricant to brush the slide rail cuts. Next, run some dry cloths on the rail and repeat brushing and wiping with cloth until it is clean.

Next, brush breech face and area under extractor claw. Use the same process with the brushing and cloths as you did for the rail cuts.

Brush any other exposed areas of the slide with the nylon brush and wipe down with dry patches.

how to clean glock 19

The Frame

First, wipe down exposed parts of the frame with a lightly lubricated cloth. 

Repeat with a dry cloth, and rinse and repeat these steps until every dry cloth is clean after wiping.

clean glock 19


Take a clean patch and moisten it slightly with some lubricant. Wipe the exterior of the barrel, and any parts of the slide where there is some friction from the firing and movement of the slide.

Put a drop of oil where the rear end of the trigger bar touches the connection. 

Put a drop of lubricant along each slide rail cut. 

Wipe down the exterior of the slide with a lightly lubricated cleaning patch.


First, insert the barrel back in the slide.

Next, insert the recoil spring assembly.

After that, hold the frame in your hand with a firm grip, place the slide on top of the frame, and push it towards the back of the frame until it locks into place.

Give the gun a close visual inspection and make sure all looks okay.

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